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Pre-K Academy is proud to present several workshops for both teachers and parents who want to learn more about early literacy development. We would be thrilled to come to your preschool to present any of the workshops below.

Please contact us at (480) 822 READ or email jill@pre-kacademy.com for more information about any of our dynamic workshops.


Getting Ready To Read and Write

This workshop is ideal for both parents and teachers. Participants will learn how to use environmental print to help facilitate the reading process, concepts of print, the three cuing systems in reading, and how to detect the early signs of Dyslexia, a severe reading disability. Participants will also learn how to teach a child correct pencil grip, the foundations of good handwriting, and correct letter formation.

How to Choose the Right Kindergarten for Your Child

This is a great workshop for parents of children who will soon be entering Kindergarten. If you have ever wondered...

  • Is my child ready for Kindergarten?
  • How do I pick the right Kindergarten for my child?
  • What questions do I ask my child's principal or teacher when I am touring schools?
  • How can I further prepare my child for Kindergarten?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then this is the workshop for you!

Phonemic Awareness Teacher Training

This popular workshop is designed for the Pre-K teacher. Teachers will walk away with a plethora of ideas on how to strengthen phonemic awareness (the understanding or insight that a word is made up of a series of discrete, separate sounds, Blevins, 1998.) "Phonemic awareness is a strong and consistent indicator of later literacy success." (National Institute of Literacy, 2009) A lack of phonemic awareness is the number one indicator of Dyslexia, a serious reading disability. Give your teachers the tools they need to empower their students to become strong pre-readers. Give your parents the reassurance that your preschool is doing everything possible to prepare their children for school. We offer an introductory level and an advanced class.

Please contact us at (480) 822 READ or email us jill@pre-kacademy.com for more information on any of the above workshops.