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Preschool Programs

Literacy Links

"Planting the Seeds for a Lifetime Love of Reading"

Literacy LinksLiteracy Links provides fun, meaningful, early literacy instruction for preschool aged children, while simultaneously providing exceptional professional development for preschool teachers!

Our Early Literacy Coaches come into your classrooms and model strong early literacy instruction for your teachers during your regular preschool day.

This unique program is the crucial link between preschool and kindergarten. Federal and state standards for Kindergarten look surprisingly similar to the first grade standards we saw in 2005. This "push-down effect" has forced our preschools to prepare children for Kindergarten in much more profound way.

Our lessons follow NAEYC guidelines for early literacy and the National Institute of Literacy’s recommendations for later literacy success. Lessons also incorporate the new Federal and State standards for Kindergarten providing children with background knowledge that will help them transition seamlessly into elementary school.