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Specialized Class Descriptions

Alphabet Action Adventures

(Bodily-Kinesthetic & Musical)

Alphabet Action Adventures combines creative movement, music, dance, and yoga to teach letter/sound recognition.

Letter Engineers


Come build letters with us! Students will begin to explore their creative sides by using objects such as Lego®, Wikki Stix®, play dough and building blocks. Children will learn about physics and problem solving.

Reading Rock Stars

This fun filled class will take your child on a magic carpet ride through the world of language and literacy. We practice rhyming, explore word families, learn sight words and begin simple decoding.

ABC Yoga

Students will increase their flexibility, strength and concentration through fun, yoga poses that reinforce the letters/sounds of the alphabet.

Mind Matters


Build your thinking skills! This class teaches children how to problem-solve, question, investigate, sort and classify. We use science experiments, games, puzzles and dramatizations to help your child expand his or her mind. Your Child's Mind Matters!

Vivacious Vocab!


Even preschoolers can learn to be articulate! Our silly puppet, Articulate Annie, will teach your child advanced vocabulary words through books, songs, plays and more! Research shows that young children who have strong vocabularies often excel at reading comprehension in elementary school.

Artist A to Z


Children learn about different artists, art mediums and create their own art masterpieces. We learn about Picasso during P week and Matisse during M week. Each lesson reinforces letter/sound recognition.

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As A Matter of Fact!

(Naturalist Intelligence)

Come be a paleontologist, a botanist, an entomologist or a zoologist! Children will dig for dinosaurs, plant in the garden, hunt for bugs, and learn about land and ocean animals. Letter sounds are integrated into every class.
D is for dinosaur and B is for bugs!
Come Discover the World Around You!

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Mathematical Minds

Children learn beginning math concepts through music, games, problem solving, puzzles and more!

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Super Science Lab

Students participate in hands-on science experiments to learn about the world around us. We predict, observe, experiment and draw conclusions. Be prepared to get messy and to have lots of fun!

Alphabet Fitness Fun

Children participate in fun fitness and sports games. The activities reinforce letter sounds and pre-reading skills while promoting healthy physical activity.

Alphabet Chefs


This interactive cooking class gives the children a chance to discover the joy of cooking. We will learn to measure ingredients, follow a recipe, and cook foods from apple pie to zucchini bread! All cooking projects reinforce the Letter of the Week.

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